Alpha Progress Report

David Naffziger Mar 19, 2008

Last week, BrandVerity entered closed Alpha. We have a handful of alpha testers up and running and we are conducting daily monitoring of their search terms.

We were initially concerned that uncovering trademark abuse would be a bit like panning for gold. We would spend lots of time in the river and after lots of work, we would find a fleck of gold. Our customers would only see these flecks and wouldn't appreciate the effort that went into finding them.

The good news is that trademark monitoring is a bit more like counting trucks on the highway. There are lots of them. Sure, there are even more cars, but you can be assured that if you sit there for a few minutes, you'll see a truck.

We've found trademark abuses for every one of our alpha customers on nearly every test that we've run. In fact, we didn't expect to need to focus on data presentation for a little while, but the sheer volume of data is necessitating that we focus more on reporting now.

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