Who’s Using Brands’ Trademarks in Paid Search? Find Out in Our Report on the State of Branded Keywords

sam.engel Nov 11, 2014

Did you know that every time a potential customer searches for your brand on Google, there’s about about a 1 in 3 chance they’ll see an ad, using your trademark, that was placed by another advertiser?

That’s just one thing we learned monitoring the paid search results of the core branded keywords of over 250 popular, consumer-facing brands from 10 different industry categories across 5 US search engines. Our first report on The State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search details what we found during Q3 of 2014.

We’ll release an updated report every quarter, closely monitoring brands in the Clothing & Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Finance, Education, Home Services, Insurance, Internet & Telecom, Online Retail, Software, Web & Technology, and Hotel industries.

Some points of interest in the report:

  • The ratio of ads placed by brands to ads placed by competing advertisers who used those brands’ trademarks. On some search engines, competing advertisers outnumber the brands by far
  • How often those competing advertisers appeared on searches for core branded terms in each industry—on Google, Google Mobile, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL
  • The most common advertisers (other than the brands themselves) who appeared in each industry category
  • Suggestions for how brands can take action on various types of trademark bidding

The report is available as a free download on our site. We hope this report and the updates to follow will provide valuable insights for brands into what advertisements appear on search engines when potential customers search for their brand!

Do you find this report useful? What information would you like to see about brand and trademark bidding in the future? As always, please comment below or contact us with any questions or feedback.

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