If You Haven't Yet, It's Time to Prioritize Mobile Search

sam.engel Oct 21, 2015

Mobile has been an industry buzzword for a while now. From the "Mo" in the eye-roll-inducing "SoLoMo" to articles heralding responsive design as the holy grail of websites, mobile has regularly been the rallying call for anyone who wanted to make marketers feel behind the times.

Lots of clever marketers tapped into that anxiety in order to pitch various things—creative services, advertising opportunities, their new startup. Their message was effective. Mobile was new, and therefore pretty unknown. Your anxiety gave you some reasons to listen.

But now, mobile is beyond buzzword status. Google recently announced that globally they see more searches on mobile than on desktop. Mobile is the real deal. It may not yet present as big of a business as desktop search (due to consumer habits on various devices, fewer advertising options on mobile, and other factors), but it's also not to be ignored.

If your brand has been de-prioritizing mobile up to this point (which has been easy to do), now's a good time to give it some more attention. Start focusing on your strategy, building out campaigns, and monitoring the mobile search landscape. Mobile traffic growth continues to outpace desktop—so there's no better time than now.

Topics: paid search

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