New PoachMark Features - Infringement Notices, New Alert Types, etc.

David Naffziger May 27, 2010

We've introduced several new features over the past few months into PoachMark and felt we were overdue for an update:

Generate search engine infringement notices
This frequently requested feature makes it easy to generate takedown requests for the search engines. You can access this tool directly from the ads and alerts reports by clicking on 'Generate Infringement Letters' at the top of any list of ads.

Alert on ads that outrank your ads
Generate alerts for any ad that outranks your own advertisement. This setting works with the other monitoring criteria, allowing you to create very finely tuned monitoring policies. You can enable this setting on the setup page for any monitoring policy.

Alert on new ads
Want to be notified anytime a new ad is launched? Monitoring policies can now alert on ads the first time (and only the first time) that we find them in that policy. This setting is also available on the monitoring policy setup page.

Collapsed ads and alerts reports
Our ads and alerts reports could become overwhelming from duplicate ads. We're now collapsing that data substantially, so the reports should be much more readable. All of the source advertisements are still retained and accessible.

We've put together an FAQ that touches on many common questions on PoachMark, affiliate abuse and affiliate techniques. Take a read through and let us know what we should add.

As always, please reach out with questions, comments and feedback.

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