Efficient Affiliate Outreach

David Naffziger Sep 30, 2010

It's now easy to contact infringing affiliates from inside PoachMark!

From any ad detail page, just click the "Contact Affiliate" button. We'll save the affiliate's email address for future use and your violation notice and comment can be used automatically the next time.

When it's possible we'll link directly to an affiliate's network profile (just click "visit affiliate page" next to their ID) to make it easy to obtain their email. All your correspondence is saved and associated with the affiliate you contacted.

The emails are incredibly customizable and PoachMark can be even be configured to send email through your SMTP server so the emails are identical to ones you would send yourself. Your use of PoachMark can remain your secret weapon for keeping your program clean.

Topics: Events, Product, Culture

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