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David Naffziger Apr 21, 2011

We're currently experiencing issues with our website as a result of the ongoing problems with Amazon's EC2 hosting service.

The result of the outage has been to significantly slow the website. Web pages would wait for 10+ minutes before they loaded. Rather than have anyone wait around wondering when a page would load, we've taken the server offline until the problems are restored.

For the extra curious, you can read more about Amazon's issues on their status dashboard. Their issues and resolution will closely mirror our own.

Update: 4/21 7:50 PM PST
Our principal database continues to be down. We're able to run collection of new search jobs and are doing so, but the reporting website will be inaccessible while we wait on additional progress by Amazon.

Update: 4/22 1:43 AM PST
Our primary database is still unavailable.. While collection of ads continues, reporting is still inaccessible. At this point we are primarily waiting through the US night to see if Amazon recovers. We will be checking every couple of hours to see whether service has been restored. In the US morning we will be moving forward with service availability regardless.

Update: 4/22 6:49 AM PST
We're back up! We're still running a number of consistency checks, but the website is fully restored.

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