Chinese .cn Domain Spam Scam

David Naffziger Mar 23, 2008

While this scam has been occurring for nearly 6 months, the scammers seem to have stepped up their efforts recently.

The recipient receives an email like this:

Dear CEO,
We are the domain name registration organization in China,which mainly deal with international company's in china.We have something important need to confirm with your company.For now Saqi company apply to register"<company_name>"as Internet brand name and Chinese domain name, which involve internet intellectual property right of your company.We hope to get the affirmation of your company.If there is any question, please let someone in your company who is responsible for trademark or Intellectual property right contact us freely ASAP, the best way, pls telephone us directly.
Kind regards,
Eros Chen

ShangHai NET
TEL:0086-2151750312 ext 0320

The reasonable company is of course concerned and responds. A second note (this is sometimes the first note), is then sent:

Dear CEO,

Your reply has been received.Saqi company want to register the following
domain names
1.CN Domain name
www.<company_name> / www.<company_name>.cn / www.<company_name> / www.<company_name>.cn / www.<company_name>.net
2.Internet Brand name
We are also afraid which will infrint your company's benefit,so we send E-mail to you.Now we haven't passed Saqi company's application.And do you want to register these domain names by yourselves?In China now your company have priority to register.Our auditing day is 10 workdays left.Waiting for your reply.

Kind regards,
Eros Chen
ShangHai NET
TEL:008621-51750312 ext 0320

Of course, there is no one trying to register your domain. And the .cn registrars are certainly not holding the domains waiting for your response. This is really a trick to get you to register your domains with this company, maybe even a phishing expedition.
Is it spam? a scam? or just seedy business practices (ala the Domain Registry of America)?

Either way, if you really feel that you need a .cn domain, go register it at a well-priced reputable registrar.

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