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Pharma’s Real World Compliance Challenges in Paid Search

Can you imagine what it is like to approve marketing copy, and then find out after it is launched, that it violates federal regulations? This happens all the time to compliance teams who work for pharmaceutical companies. Despite their best efforts to dot their i’s and cross their t’s, they find themselves running up against the FDA and other federal regulatory bodies for noncompliance.

In the highly regulated industry of prescription drug advertising, there are many rules that need to be followed, especially when it comes to pharma SEM campaigns. With one in twenty searches on Google being health related, it’s no surprise that prescription drug advertising is highly regulated. Most of these rules come from the FDA’s guidance on Reminder Ads, but others are set by legal and regulatory teams within the specific pharmaceutical companies.

Julia Pavone
May 9, 2017

Affiliate Summit West 2017 Highlights: FTC Compliance Challenges

More than 6,000 digital marketers from over 70 countries gathered at the Paris Las Vegas hotel for Affiliate Summit West 2017. Attendees included online publishers, bloggers, traffic sources, retailers, networks, digital agencies, technology companies, and a number of my BrandVerity colleagues.

Julia Pavone
Jan 19, 2017
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