Product Update: Our New Look!

Todd Burton Aug 1, 2017

Hello! My name is Todd, the product designer here at BrandVerity. I'm really excited to share a product design update that we are launching today!

As a designer, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience within our app. I'm passionate about making BrandVerity easier to use because I recognize how busy you are. That's why I tackled this redesign - to make it easier for you to navigate, scan, and take action within BrandVerity.

Our design aesthetic has always emphasized a key strength of ours: quality data. We’re proud to provide you with trustworthy, actionable data, and we’ve taken a minimalist approach to design for that very reason. This redesign builds on that focus, improving clarity and making it easier than ever for you to find information and take action. So, here’s what’s new!

Navigation Changes


You'll notice that a few things have changed in our navigation. First, we've moved to a dropdown menu. This change makes the navigation cleaner, lets you get straight to the page you care about, and saves space at the top of the page - key in making BrandVerity lighter and easier to work within.

We’ve also moved something around to better organize your tools. Advertiser Reports have become an indispensable part of how customers see their trends in their search landscape, so we’ve moved it to the top level of the navigation for faster access. In addition, you'll now find Coupon Code Monitoring in our Paid Search section and can manage your Poachmark Pool settings from the Accounts menu.

Table Updates

Tables are a key part of the BrandVerity interface, and we've made them easier to read and interpret. The new data tables make it easier to scan and read the information you rely on. Extra whitespace makes it easier for you to identify one row of information from the next. New column alignments, based on best-practices, make it easier for you to scan for the words or numbers you're looking for.

Policy Setup Updates


While all of our pages feature readability improvements, we’ve taken extra steps to simplify how you set up monitoring policies.  A new card-like system breaks sections into easy-to-find segments, enabling you to review policies with just a glance.

You'll notice plenty of other changes as you make your way through your work at BrandVerity: updated colors, new buttons, and clear page headers to name a few. All of these changes have been made to bring clarity and readability to the various actions you take on a regular basis.

I'm incredibly excited not only for this new app redesign, but for the updates to come. We're working hard to improve the overall experience of using BrandVerity, and I can't wait for you to see what we have in store.

If you have any questions about the new design, please feel free to reach out to me via email at I'm always happy to talk about design!


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