[RELEASE] BrandVerity Extends Leadership Position in Performance Category with Launch of Freemium Solution

BrandVerity May 11, 2021

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- BrandVerity, a global leader in brand safety and fraud prevention technology and services, today announces its freemium solution granting affiliate marketers fundamental brand safety and fraud protection at no cost. The free-to-use protection ensures channel compliance by providing always-on search monitoring across affiliate programs.

While affiliate marketing is more likely to avoid the typical pitfalls of other channels, according to Forrester commissioned research, nearly 20% of executive-level marketers still cite concern over ad fraud in the channel. Brand protection is critical to all marketers, especially those who rely on legacy affiliate networks, which lack the integrated brand safety and compliance technology critical to sustaining a high-quality affiliate environment and overcoming historical concerns. By launching free access to search monitoring, BrandVerity eliminates barriers for affiliate marketers who seek to safeguard brand equity and ad spend and marketers' ability to create operating leverage is no longer hindered by these concerns.

According to a recent study from CHEQ, affiliate marketing is estimated to be worth $12 billion globally, with 81% of brands leveraging an affiliate program. Yet, $1.4B dollars are lost annually through fraud such as bad actors exploiting shortcomings in tracking and attribution to claim commissions unfairly. Additionally, affiliate marketers face operational risks through legacy affiliate programs with outdated technology, a reliance on manual paid search audits and a misunderstanding of the true benefits of compliance solutions.

“Unlike other paid channels, affiliate marketing has yet to adopt brand safety and fraud prevention tools universally as a core requirement in the playbook for standard campaign management," said David Naffziger, General Manager of BrandVerity. "With the launch of our freemium solution, BrandVerity is giving all marketers access to the gold standard in affiliate marketing fraud prevention-- a critical step as the increasingly vital channel earns its rightful seat at the CMO's table.”

BrandVerity makes fundamental compliance safeguards easily accessible to affiliate managers, and provides the transparency necessary to ensure a safe, well-lit space--critical for driving profitable growth. Sign up now at brandverity.com/free.


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