Thanksgiving Weekend Retrospective: Trademark Bidding Peaks on Black Friday

sam.engel Dec 8, 2015

Well, the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. And although most marketers still have plenty to do for the rest of the year, we hope you've enjoyed at least a moment of respite.

After pointing out the uptick in trademark bidding prior to Thanksgiving, we continued our monitoring through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Just like in our previous post, we used the same index of brands from our report on branded keywords.

The results? Well, they were pretty similar across several industries. Here are some trends we noticed:

  • Black Friday continued to be the peak of trademark bidding
  • In contrast to last year's data, we noticed more of a drop-off in trademark bidding on Cyber Monday
  • Even on days surrounding Black Friday, trademark bidding is higher than on typical days (see comparisons to September Average in charts below)

We've also made some handy charts for several industries:

Clothing & Apparel


Consumer Electronics


Online Retail


Topics: paid search

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