Get Certified in BrandVerity’s Affiliate Monitoring and Trademark Monitoring Programs

indi.rooney Jan 26, 2016

Are you a superuser of BrandVerity’s paid search monitoring software? Did you know that now you can earn Affiliate Monitoring and Trademark Monitoring Certifications from BrandVerity?

The certification program allows YOU to become certified in Affiliate Monitoring, Trademark Monitoring, or even both.

With these certifications, you have the opportunity to show that you are an expert in using the BrandVerity software. This means having the ability to interpret and leverage data as well as utilize best practices in order to use our software to its fullest extent.

Say you use BrandVerity to monitor affiliate marketing partners. It can be difficult to identify or correct affiliates who are violating your program’s terms, and the certification shows that you are able to use the software to find those violations, interpret the data, and follow up appropriately.

And, if you’re using the software to monitor trademark violations, you’ll want to identify ads that violate the search engines’ trademark regulations and have them removed. The certification shows that you are able to leverage BrandVerity’s system to identify violations and send them to the search engines for takedown when applicable.

Neat, huh?

Certification involves a test that covers the core elements of BrandVerity’s paid search monitoring product. Successful users will then be awarded a certificate and a badge they can use on their resume and LinkedIn profile. Check them out:



Interested? If you’re currently a customer and would like to learn more about certifications, email us at We’ll get you started on the road to certification!

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