BrandVerity Values Inclusivity

David Naffziger Feb 9, 2017

We strongly believe that the Executive Order temporarily banning citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries and suspending resettlement of Syrian refugees is misguided, discriminatory, and counterproductive. It goes against the founding principles of our country — principles that have created the unique opportunities that we all enjoy today.

As an immigrant nation, we have benefitted from the world’s greatest talent. Whether they come as refugees, students, or as H1-B visa holders, many immigrants have made the U.S. their permanent home — the place where they want to innovate and solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

The Executive Order also runs counter to the values we hold dear at BrandVerity, in particular our value of inclusivity: “The perspectives from our diverse backgrounds and roles help us make better decisions, and we actively seek and apply those thoughts and opinions.”

We want to attract the best talent to join us at BrandVerity regardless of whether they were born here in Seattle or came as a refugee. Diversity of ideas and different points of view is the fodder for innovation, and Seattle, the fastest growing city in America, continues to prove this to be true.

Topics: Culture

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