Employee Spotlight: Emily Dreke

Ulla Saleh Oct 3, 2018

This is the first in a new series highlighting our employees! We talk a lot about how important and unique our culture is at BrandVerity. But to understand why its special, you need to meet the people that make the magic happen. Emily joined the Engineering team about two years ago, and here's how she answered my questions.


What does your job entail? 

A little bit of everything, the core of which is solving problems and alleviating pain points. Developers at BrandVerity wear many hats, so our day to day can vary a lot. A (small) sample of things I do: create internal tools to help my team members, manage our large-scale job processing dynamics, and design and develop new features for our customers. I’m on our web compliance team, which means I spend a lot of time thinking about how to sift through potentially millions of web pages to identify data that really matters to our customers.

What is the most interesting part of your job? 

Once a month, developers get to participate in ‘hack days’ where we have free reign to experiment with virtually anything. I *love* hack days. Having dedicated time to deep dive into a problem I find interesting is a ton of fun and a great way to learn. I have a background in linguistics and natural language processing (NLP), so I love finding and trying out modern NLP approaches on our everyday business problems.

What is a day at BV like for you?

I start everyday with my team’s daily standup, where we sync on our plans for the day and (perhaps more importantly) share fun facts we’ve learned recently. Then I’ll spend a few hours focusing on my core task for the day. Next I’ll grab lunch, normally with a few teammates, and catch up over sandwiches and tacos. For the rest of the day, I’ll either return to my task, or attend meetings with my team. There’s often a 1:1 sync over coffee with one of my team members thrown in the mix as well.

Do you have a not-so-hidden talent? 

I think if you asked people at the office this, they’d say it’s my baking, but I mostly just follow recipes and hope for the best.

What was your first job? 

A research assistant in an ornithology lab! Not as cool as it sounds; I mostly just watched 8+ hour long videos of nesting birds.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

Bake (and bring treats in to the office), play video games, and play with my dog.

Are you watching anything interesting on Netflix these days? 

Technically on Hulu, but Rick and Morty s3! If you really want a Netflix show - The Great British Baking Show. British television is so wholesome.

What do you love most about BV? 

The people I work with and the culture. Everyone is so supportive, friendly, and genuinely cares about each other. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with.

Interested in learning about open engineering positions at BV? Visit our careers page.


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