[Webinar Recap]: Europe’s PPC Experts Share Their Tips & Tricks

Ulla Saleh May 5, 2017

Did you miss our May 4th webinar? Were you too busy celebrating International Star Wars Day? Not a problem. You can watch the recording at your leisure.

James Murray from Bing Ads EMEA moderated the discussion with Lucy Siverns, Biddable Director at Performics and Jonathan Dunkley, Business Director of Paid Performance at Ecselis.
The three experts discussed the following topics:

  • Is the importance of keywords falling?
  • Is broad match still viable?
  • What are your account structure tips and best practices?
  • How valuable are ad extensions in the world of ETAs?
  • How have you approached A/B/n testing as part of your PPC strategy?
  • How are you talking to your clients about their mobile strategy?
  • What are some quick wins for account optimization?

The webinar concluded with a rapid fire round of questions and Q & A.

You can view the entire recording here

Topics: paid search

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