Webinar: Uncover the Threats Lurking in Your Paid Search Campaigns

Ulla Saleh May 12, 2017

This webinar took place on May 24th and has been recorded. The recording is available here.

Your branded keywords are an enticing target for trademark bidders; they are relatively inexpensive and generally very profitable. But if you aren’t paying attention, trademark bidders will rob you blind. So what can you do to stop them? 

On May 24th we hosted a webinar with CPC Strategy and talked about how you can catch trademark bidders, take corrective action, and improve key metrics like CTR and CPC. BrandVerity’s Director of Business Development, Preston Holland and CPC Strategy’s Sr. Paid Media Manager, Lewis Brannon discussed:

  • Trademark bidding, and how it hurts your marketing efforts and brand
  • Tactics trademark bidders use to steal your traffic
  • Methods trademark bidders employ to avoid detection
  • Manual vs. automated paid search monitoring

Get the webinar recording to learn about trademark bidders and how to stop them through paid search monitoring.

Topics: paid search

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