Free to Use, Free from Worry: Affiliate Search Monitoring with BrandVerity

Katie Spurkeland May 18, 2021

More than ever, marketers are leaning into the affiliate channel because of its attractive performance-based pricing model that allows a cost-controlled solution to optimize in any economic climate. While the channel boasts benefits such as scale, automation and outcome-based pricing, affiliate (like anything) also carries the potential for significant risk if not monitored—compliance that is impossible to achieve through manual affiliate search audits.

This risk is even greater when it comes to legacy affiliate networks which lack the partner quality checks and automated software necessary to appropriately safeguard brand integrity and marketing dollars. The false sense of security in partnerships on legacy affiliate networks leaves marketers blind to wasted spend and nefarious activity that leads to cost duplication, inaccurate attribution and an overall devaluing of the affiliate channel’s potential. 

To help marketers take control, BrandVerity is making “always on” affiliate search violation detection and management free for affiliate marketers. Standard protection includes:

BrandVerity’s freemium solution implements safeguards that not only ensure necessary protection for affiliate marketers at the program level, but also improve the quality of the affiliate ecosystem, providing a clean, well-lit space for marketers to drive profitable growth.

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