Paid Search in 2017: 4 Need-to-Know Trends

Ulla Saleh Jan 12, 2017

trends_ebook-uncropped.pngThe holidays are over. You’ve put the decorations back in their storage boxes, written down your New Year’s resolutions, and purchased that gym membership. Now it’s time to execute on all those big marketing plans you put together before the holidays.

But before kicking things into high gear, you should double check that your plans are aligned with the latest PPC trends. Who has time to research market trends? We’ve done it for you in this eBook: Paid Search Trends 2017: What Search Marketers Need to Know.

eBook: Paid Search Trends 2017

This eBook points out the four major trends we have noticed from our work with top brands in search, and how paid search teams can adjust their marketing efforts to take advantage of those trends. Some of these trends, like mobile, have been around for several years now and continue to dominate the landscape. Other lesser known, but still vitally important trends—like trademark bidding—continue to affect search marketers.

While it’s important as a search marketer to know about trends, it’s even more valuable to capitalize on those trends. Read the eBook to find tactics and recommendations that you can start implementing now.

Download the report to learn about what’s coming in 2017 and what you can do about it.

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