Online Brand Protection Challenges Just Got Easier With BrandVerity’s New Features

Maura Newell Nov 12, 2021

Having worked with thousands of brands, we are very familiar with the challenges digital marketers face owning brand protection in paid search. You have a lot on your plate, and while combating online trademark infringements by third-parties or partners helps protect your margins, it is one set of tasks on an already long list of responsibilities.

While your top-level revenue may be rising, your efforts may be threatened by non-compliant partners and rogue third-party trademark infringers. This is why we are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our paid search monitoring interface and new features that will make it easier than ever to protect your brand and revenue from controllable threats.

In this update, BrandVerity customers will have access to a new centralized view that includes information on why ads are potential violations, the frequency of violations, history of previously taken action, and many more details. Customers will also be able to take bulk remediation actions.


A new centralized view

Identify your highest priority advertisers

This centralized view will help streamline prioritization of infringements. When logging in to the app, you’ll immediately be able to see the:

  • Advertisers most negatively impacting your brand and marketing efforts
  • Countries an advertiser’s ads were found
  • Program rules in violation
  • Search engines on which ads were found
  • Unique ads from every advertiser


Bulk remediative actions

Bulk remediative actions: Take action in a matter of clicks.Take action in a matter of clicks
See which advertisers are potentially causing your brand the most harm— and take action on them. In this new update you’ll be able to take action in a matter of clicks on large sets of ads through our outreach tool by contacting advertisers directly or notifying your teammate responsible for managing the advertiser relationship.


Advertiser history within app

alerts-advertiserhistory-5Track actions and progress
If your teammate has already reached out to a partner, or if an advertiser has previously violated your program rules, we will provide you with that information. You will now be able to keep track of your team’s compliance efforts through BrandVerity’s new advertiser history and track progress against your goals over time.


Tackle your goals quicker

One of our top priorities in updating the Paid Search Monitoring tool has been to help customers prioritize and evaluate high volumes of data so they can get their jobs done efficiently and effectively. The ability to quickly prioritize and remediate the most threatening violations is a game changer, especially for those responsible for enforcing compliance for brands with large, multi-country advertising partnerships.


Ready to see how you can quickly and easily protect your brand in paid search?





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