HTTPS everywhere on BrandVerity and How to Protect Yourself from Firesheep

The recent flutter about Firesheep, prompted us to do something we really should have done a long time ago: Transition our entire site to SSL.

David Naffziger
Nov 8, 2010

Efficient Affiliate Outreach

It's now easy to contact infringing affiliates from inside PoachMark!

David Naffziger
Sep 30, 2010

AdWords testing store ratings, condensed site links, etc.

We've seen Google testing a number of different display elements in AdWords over the last few weeks.

David Naffziger
Jun 29, 2010

New PoachMark Features - Infringement Notices, New Alert Types, etc.

We've introduced several new features over the past few months into PoachMark and felt we were overdue for an update:

David Naffziger
May 27, 2010

Introducing the Affiliate Watchlist

This morning we publicly announced the Affiliate Watchlist. The Affiliate Watchlist has been available within PoachMark for a while, and now we're finally comfortable with the breadth and depth of information available.

David Naffziger
Nov 25, 2009

PoachMark adds detection of its 50th Affiliate Network

As PoachMark has grown, we've added detection for the affiliate networks our customers were utilizing. We've just recently added our fiftieth affiliate network. A few of the recently added networks include: ClickBooth, FlexOffers, CommissionSoup and CX Digital.

David Naffziger
Nov 5, 2009

PoachMark Decrypts Commission Junction Encrypted Links

Commission Junction provides merchants the ability to offer encrypted affiliate links. These encrypted links usually look something like this:

David Naffziger
Nov 4, 2009

Recent Coverage of BrandVerity PoachMark

We're excited by the recent coverage that we've received on the launch of PoachMark. A few of the recent posts include:

David Naffziger
Jun 20, 2009

PoachMark Leaves Beta - Over 200 Affiliate Programs Monitored

We're excited to announce that PoachMark has officially launched. With over 200 affiliate programs monitored, we're confident that PoachMark meets the robustness standards that we've established internally for this milestone.

David Naffziger
Jun 10, 2009
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