AdWords to Make All Display URLs Lowercase

There's a small but significant change being made to AdWords this week you should be aware of.

Ryan Parks
Jan 13, 2011

Google loosens trademark policies

Last week Google announced two significant changes to its trademark policies:

David Naffziger
Aug 9, 2010

AdWords testing store ratings, condensed site links, etc.

We've seen Google testing a number of different display elements in AdWords over the last few weeks.

David Naffziger
Jun 29, 2010

Useful AdWords Trademark Policy Flowchart

Marc Bitanga recently created a flowchart for Google's Adwords Trademark policy. Although the flowchart doesn't address affiliates, shopping engines, etc. it does do a great job of visualizing many of the common trademark complaint cases.

David Naffziger
Dec 2, 2009

Google Testing New Ad Unit for Places Pages

We've found a number of Google Places advertisements appearing on searches for 'Brand + Product Category' and include a link to a competitive local retailer. The advertisements represent an entirely new AdWords unit that we hadn't seen before and seem to be designed specifically for Google Places. A handful of examples below:

A search for 'Zappos shoes' (and similar variants):

A search for 'Gap clothes':

A search for 'Bennigan's restaurants':

A search for 'Starbucks coffee':

We've only seen these advertisements from San Francisco, which would suggest that these are being run a purely trial basis at this point.

We've also only seen the ads at the top of the right rail. This suggests to me that they are exempt from the auction process.

I'd say these ad units remove any doubts that Google is taking Places very seriously.

David Naffziger
Oct 2, 2009

Google wins important opinion in European AdWords Trademark Case

An adviser to the European Court of Justice just issued an opinion that "Google has not committed a trademark infringement by allowing advertisers to select [trademarked] keywords".

David Naffziger
Sep 22, 2009

Removing Recurring Billing "Coupon" Ads on Yahoo

We've seen advertisements similar to the one below for "" appear in Yahoo search ads for a number of the programs that we monitor:

David Naffziger
Sep 8, 2009

How Google Suggest Prevents Trademark Poaching

Geno Prussakov has a great post on the AM Navigator blog about how recent changes to Google Suggest can help prevent trademark poaching.

David Naffziger
Sep 1, 2009

Google Sued by Rosetta Stone

In early July, the Rosetta Stone launched a lawsuit against Google for trademark infringement through its AdWords program.

David Naffziger
Jul 28, 2009
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