Google Drops the Hammer on Download Sites

Today, we’re happy to release the latest analysis of branded keywords in paid search, covering the second quarter of this year. You can download it here.

Aug 11, 2015

New Brand Bidding Tactic: Search Arbitrage with Parked Domains

One of the advantages of running paid search monitoring on a large scale is that you occasionally uncover valuable data by accident. Kick up enough dust, and sometimes it settles in an interesting, unexpected way.

Apr 10, 2013

What the Australia Ruling Could Mean for Google's Global Trademark Policy


Credit: Robert Scoble

Yesterday, Google concluded a 6-year legal contest with the Australian government’s consumer protection agency, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The Australian High Court ruled in favor of Google, who had argued that it was not responsible for the messages in the ads placed by advertisers on its results pages.

Feb 7, 2013

Introducing the Affiliate Watchlist

This morning we publicly announced the Affiliate Watchlist. The Affiliate Watchlist has been available within PoachMark for a while, and now we're finally comfortable with the breadth and depth of information available.

David Naffziger
Nov 25, 2009

Judge Awards Verizon $33.5M in Cybersquatting case

Verizon issued a press release today that announced a record $33.5M cybersquatting judgment against OnlineNIC. There were 663 domains in question and the judge chose to award $50K per domain, presumably under the guidelines of the Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act (ACPA), which allow a penalty of between $1K and $100K per domain. Very little is known about the actual case, and nearly all of the blog posts and press coverage simply restate the press release.

David Naffziger
Dec 24, 2008

PoachMark New Features - International Monitoring

We recently launched several new PoachMark features:

David Naffziger
Oct 9, 2008

Affiliate Summit Sessions that touch on Trademarks

Trademark use management remains one of the greater challenges for brands that maintain affiliate programs. Most of the sessions that I've been to so far touch on trademarks and their use/abuse at some point over the course of their talk.

David Naffziger
Aug 11, 2008

Court rules against bulk domainer: Verizon v. Navigation Catalyst

The US district court in southern California recently granted an injunction against Navigation Catalyst (nofollow) and their bulk registrar Basic Fusion (nofollow). Navigation Catalyst is definitely among the larger domain companies and had engaged in heavy 'domain tasting', the registration of domain names to test them for traffic.

David Naffziger
Aug 5, 2008
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