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Affiliate Network Accounts can Easily be Stolen over WiFi - Protect yourself at ASW

Be careful this Affiliate Summit when using WiFi. The affiliate accounts at many major networks vulnerable to being hijacked by Firesheep, which means your account could be quite easily compromised. This vulnerability was recently demonstrated on popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but we have tested and found several affiliate networks vulnerable as well.

David Naffziger
Jan 8, 2011

CJ API Integration

BrandVerity PoachMark now integrates with the Commission Junction API! A number of aspects within PoachMark are now enhanced due to this integration. We are able to provide a much more comprehensive view of individual affiliates and their associated properties.

David Naffziger
Jan 7, 2011

Fresher Data

We understand the importance of knowing that the data you are viewing is as fresh as possible. We've always delivered data the same day it was collected and have steadily reduced the time it takes to report on collected data.

David Naffziger
Dec 16, 2010

Increased Support for In-house Programs

Do you run an in-house affiliate program that uses your own (or a third party) technology to track affiliates?

David Naffziger
Dec 9, 2010

HTTPS everywhere on BrandVerity and How to Protect Yourself from Firesheep

The recent flutter about Firesheep, prompted us to do something we really should have done a long time ago: Transition our entire site to SSL.

David Naffziger
Nov 8, 2010

Efficient Affiliate Outreach

It's now easy to contact infringing affiliates from inside PoachMark!

David Naffziger
Sep 30, 2010

Google loosens trademark policies

Last week Google announced two significant changes to its trademark policies:

David Naffziger
Aug 9, 2010

Affiliate Tactics - Disposable URLs and "Front" Websites

Sophisticated URL hijackers seem to have settled on a set of tactics designed to minimize the discoverability of their affiliate ID. They've learned that their ads are discoverable and have been investing in steps to prevent detection of their affiliate ID. While we have seen a wide range of skills, the use of disposable URLs and "front" websites has come to represent "best practice," used by the most sophisticated hijackers.

David Naffziger
Jul 20, 2010

CSS History Hacks and Referral Laundering with Jamie Birch

I had a fun video chat with Jamie Birch of JEB Commerce a few weeks back. We touch on a number of the challenges facing affiliate managers and discuss the details associated with the CSS History Hack and referrer laundering.

David Naffziger
Jul 15, 2010

AdWords testing store ratings, condensed site links, etc.

We've seen Google testing a number of different display elements in AdWords over the last few weeks.

David Naffziger
Jun 29, 2010
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