5 Must-Have Features for Your Brand Protection Software Arsenal

Chrissy Kammerer Oct 22, 2022

For marketing and legal teams in regulated industries, monitoring for compliance online is difficult and time-consuming. Manually monitoring thousands or even millions of pages across multiple affiliates, partners, and/or third-party sites is nearly impossible and leads to critical content being missed. Introducing BrandVerity’s automated Web Compliance solution, which empowers marketing and legal teams to ensure airtight brand protection and compliance of online content and offers. Our solution provides companies with a comprehensive and efficient way to identify content compliance risks and take action immediately.

Here are the main benefits and features to look for in the best online brand protection software. 

Web Compliance Through Comprehensive Crawling

Our brand protection solutions provide automated monitoring and enforcement for compliance and legal teams, helping to ensure that your brand is being represented correctly across the web.

To protect your brand, you need to automatically crawl desktop and mobile web pages daily and re-crawl on demand. Find the disclosures, offers, and prohibited or required text that matter to your program.

Our crawlers find elusive content likely to get missed by an analyst or a less sophisticated web crawler. Here is how BrandVerity does it. 

Daily In-Depth Crawling

Monitor your partner programs with daily in-depth crawls to find brand mentions and risks.

On-Demand Recrawls

In addition to daily scheduled crawls, get current content when you need it.

New Content Discovery

Find brand mentions and risks within your partner program sites and across the web.

Page Change Detection

Identify when a page you’ve already reviewed has been updated.

In-Depth Page Analysis

Uncover risks hidden behind menus and popups that text-based crawlers can’t find.

You Can Customize Your Process

Look for online brand protection software that leverages custom filtering logic to prioritize your review on a targeted set of results froma specified time frame.

Our flexible tool is set up to match your industry, regulations, offers, programs, brand guidelines, and disclosures.

Guided Review

Pinpoint and review risks faster with on-page issue highlighting and auto-scrolling.

Configurable Criteria

Set compliance parameters and update them at any time to reflect current offers.

The Ability to Take Action Quickly

Automatic on-page highlighting helps you quickly prioritize compliance risks and reusable email templates make remediation easy.

See non-compliant content through to resolution by personalizing violation emails and providing partners access to the online remediation portal.

Authentic Page Capture

Review the actual offers consumers see across multiple devices.

A successful brand protection strategy must also include the ability to take action quickly and review the actual offers consumers see across multiple devices.

Accurate Tracking 

Automatically record and easily retrieve historical references to a website’s content and other data points to support a defensible compliance process.

Resolution Tracking

Access program success data, historical screenshots, and remediation activity.

Easily Get an Expert's Guidance

Remember to regularly review summary data to evaluate program health and export reports.
Our Customer Success Managers will help you achieve your compliance goals from setup through implementation and optimization.

In conclusion, it's important to consider the features that will provide the most comprehensive protection for your brand's intellectual property when looking for brand protection software. By selecting the right features and implementing effective brand protection strategies, you can protect your brand from all angles. With the right software, your brand's intellectual property will remain safe and secure for years to come. Contact us to learn how BrandVerity can help. 


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