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Court Upholds Verizon $33M Cybersquatting Ruling

In December, a court awarded Verizon a $33.5M default judgment against OnlineNIC for typosquatting on 683 domain names such as verizonphnes.com. OnlineNIC, based in China, never even showed up at court.

David Naffziger
Aug 29, 2009

Find BrandVerity at Affiliate Summit

A few members of BrandVerity Team will be out at Affiliate Summit.

David Naffziger
Aug 3, 2009

Google Sued by Rosetta Stone

In early July, the Rosetta Stone launched a lawsuit against Google for trademark infringement through its AdWords program.

David Naffziger
Jul 28, 2009

Recent Coverage of BrandVerity PoachMark

We're excited by the recent coverage that we've received on the launch of PoachMark. A few of the recent posts include:

David Naffziger
Jun 20, 2009

Big Brands Sucked into PayPerPost

Techcrunch has a good article on the latest conundrum facing affiliate managers: Izea (formerly PayPerPost) has begun introducing affiliate links to its network of sponsored bloggers.

David Naffziger
Jun 16, 2009

PoachMark Leaves Beta - Over 200 Affiliate Programs Monitored

We're excited to announce that PoachMark has officially launched. With over 200 affiliate programs monitored, we're confident that PoachMark meets the robustness standards that we've established internally for this milestone.

David Naffziger
Jun 10, 2009

Google Makes major shift to US AdWords Trademark Policy

Late Thursday, Google announced the largest changes to their US AdWords policy in some time. Previously, trademark owners could prevent anyone from using their trademarks in their ad copy. Now, resellers and information sites may utilize the trademarked terms in their ad copy.

David Naffziger
May 15, 2009

Google Modifies Global AdWords Trademark Policy

Google announced a change yesterday to its AdWords trademark policy in 190 countries, bringing that policy in line with its policies for the US, CA, UK & IE.

David Naffziger
May 5, 2009

Amazon alters paid search policy

Amazon sent an email to all its affiliates this morning announcing a change in its paid search policy for affiliates - Affiliates will no longer be allowed to direct link to Amazon.

David Naffziger
Apr 6, 2009
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